No. 6 – Dusting.

dust mite

Poor Cabinet of Curiousities!  So long neglected, a somewhat thick layer of dust on things. Not good, especially since I discovered this year that I have a rather acute allergy to dust mites.

“Mite” is such a facetious term, since the effect of these animals is far from tiny if you happen to be susceptible to them. And it turns out that many people are, worldwide. Dust mite allergy is not a 1st world problem, but unfortunately it is developed countries that have the greatest availability to the protracted immunotherapy that is the front-line treatment for the condition.

As for the mite itself, the more I learn about it, the less I want to know – they are disgusting on many levels, and I say that as a person who is generally interested in the lifestyles of our fellow creatures. There is nothing beautiful or noble about the dust mite, at least by human standards. The Dalek nation and I agree about them: Exterminate!

But enough about my nemesis; time to put on the dust mask and get to work putting the Cabinet back in order.

And on that subject:  It appears that WordPress, the platform this blog operates on, inserts random ads into blog posts. (Unless, presumably, you pay for an upgrade, which I haven’t.)  For the record, I don’t get to see what’s inserted, and therefore have no idea what they’re trying to sell you. Just know that I’m not endorsing anything, unless I explicitly mention it.


2 comments on “No. 6 – Dusting.

  1. animar64 says:

    Dust mites and Daleks in the same post? Cool.

  2. E says:

    Daleks? Miyu too has the dust mite allergy (3/6), but apparently Bahia Grass is stronger.

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