No. 1 – The Jackalope.

Long a staple of Western myth, the Jackalope was “discovered” in Douglas, Wyoming.   In the early 1930’s, two brothers named Herrick put together the first specimen, using taxidermy skills learned in a mail-order course.  The rest is Douglas (and the greater Southwest) history. Douglas celebrates “Jackalope Day” every year, usually on the first weekend in June.  For a time the Chamber of Commerce sold Jackalope Hunting Licenses, and the State of Wyoming trademarked the term “jackalope” in 1965.  But the jackalope belongs to all of the West, and it is unusual not to find a jackalope postcard on a rack west of the Mississippi.

They apparently can get quite large.


Welcome! Come in, come in…

Welcome to my Cabinet of Curiousities!

If I were wealthy, and/or if I had unlimited space,  I would undoubtably create a “wunderkammer”, or “Cabinet of Curiousities” in real life, like some merchant-prince from the 17th century.   In some ways this is better – fewer things to dust, and a much, much wider range to explore.  I hope you will share my curiousity, enthusiasm, amusement, awe, perplexity and more as we consider together the exhibits in this collection.  Suggestions for new exhibits are always welcome.